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& we have a blog

Hi Tigers & Tiger fans!

As we look to return to over the board chess of the 4NCL season in November 2021, we have given the website a refresh, and also now have a blog page, to allow quicker updates on matches and game reports from the 4NCL.

The 4NCL has written off the last season, and will be combining Divisions 1 & 2 into a Swiss for the upcoming 21/22 season. The top 12 will form a new all-play-all Division 1 (instead of the previous 16) - This is our goal!

On top of this many tigers stream and create content regularly so we have now included links to their pages, so you can keep in touch between rounds.

Thanks for your support, and we look forward to providing a lot of fighting chess in the next season, proving once again an amateur team of fighters can match it with the best of them.

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