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Tiger History

The club was founded with the idea of being a wholly Irish/Welsh club to compete in 4NCL.  The idea was hatched by four Swansea-based students in 2005: Senan Bannon, Craig Evans and Peter Kitchen, who then went back to their respective clubs to bring in more founders.

The other founding members were Nick Larter, Mike Kitchen, Dougie Spencer & Paul Tew. 


Nick Larter designed the first club logo.

Celtic Tigers

The first season the Celtic Tigers competed in was the 2005/06 4NCL season.


Robert Thomas joined mid-season and in terms of the club’s future development was the key, as he was the link to most of the other London-area English players who became to core of the club for many seasons thereafter. (as well as one-off members for weekends when the team was short)


Hendrik was tapped up for the second season by Senan and Nick, while he was studying in Ireland for a short period.

Below you will find the results from the first ever weekend that Celtic Tigers competed, along with the biggest upset win (which is still a record as at today).

A tiger is born, the first weekend results of the Celtic Tigers in 2005:

The largest win of the club, beating opponents with an average rating 253 higher. (2006)


Here we celebrate the brave people who led the tigers into battle:

2017/18 - current:    Christopher Skulte

2012/13 - 2016/17:     Peter Kemp

2010/11 - 2011/12:      Angus French, Peter Kemp

2005/06 - 2009/10:  Craig Evans, Senan Bannon, Nick Larter

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