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#7 - Half-way there and living on a prayer (Feb'19)


In the first division, the tigers needed 2 points for a possible 4 to qualify for the championship pool for the first time in the history of the club.

The second team hoping to get 2 wins to stay with decent chances for Division 3 promotion.

Was this the weekend dreams will come true?

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#6 - A new dawn (Nov'18 & Jan'19)


A new season, a new chance to make our mark in division 1 of the 4NCL. We also expand (welcome back) the 2nd tiger's team who are competing in divison 4.

Once again we are the bottom seed by rating, will the dream of championship pool and European qualification materialise, or will we be beaten and battered....time will tell.

Read the full match report here:

Issue 5 - Kill or be killed (May'18)


A final weekend of drama awaited the tigers, who found themselves in a potential kill or be killed situation, where one win would take them into Division 1 for next season.

With two teams hot on their tail, will the tigers jaws close around the glory goal, or will they be leaving with their tails between their legs?

This report contains guest pieces from 2 tigers (Peter Kitchen, Ryszard Maciol)

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Issue 4 - The real hunt begins (Mar'18)


Welcoming back for the first time this season our previous captain, Peter Kemp, the tigers had one of their most difficult and intense weekends to date. After finishing off the last preliminary round, the tigers had their first game in the promotion pool. With the real hunt beginning, can the tigers keep up the pace?

This report contains guest pieces from 1 tiger (Ryszard Maciol)

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Issue 3 - You can't stop a tiger (Feb'18)


You can slow a tiger down, but it's another challenge entirely to stop it.

In the third weekend of 4NCL the tigers played the current stragglers of the group Barbican on Saturday as a warm up to Sunday's match against Sussex Martlets, which if we won, would see the tigers into the promotion group with a match to go.

This report contains guest pieces from 3 tigers (GM Cornette, FM Hoffman, Larter)

Read the full match report here:

Issue 2 - Stalking bigger prey (Jan'18)


The second weekend in the 4NCL was always going to be our toughest matches in the first seven rounds. At the end of the day, things didn't always go to plan, but we walk away from the weekend proud at giving it a real go, nearly clinching top spot in the group.

Read the full match report here:

Issue 1 - Don't mess with a tiger (Nov'17)


The first weekend back in Division 2 of the 4NCL was a huge success for the Tigers. Being the underdogs for each game, we came away with 2 wins out of 2 matches. A great start to the season! We also welcomed a new tiger to the pack - WGM Klaudia Kulon.


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