Welcome to the Celtic Tigers Chess Club

Established 2005

Celtic Tigers are a chess team competing in the 4NCL

2018/19 Season

Division 1:

2W - 1D - 5L

(Demotion Pool Playoffs)

Live Games:

4NCL Website

Chess24 Analysis

2018/19 Season

Division 4:

2W - 3D - 1L

Current Place = 12th of 38

 (4 teams get promoted)

Table shows the top 16 placed teams:


Celtic Tigers


In London? Want to play regular chess?

Have a game at Hammersmith Chess Club, the fastest growing club in London!

Absolute Beginner -> Expert all welcome!

With so many regular events I am not going to bother listing them all. (League Matches, Overseas Travels, Beginners Training, etc)

Check out their website!

Join an online chess community of amateurs!

For every brilliancy there's a blunder just around the corner.

The chesspatzer communities aim is to bridge the gap between beginners (Patzers) and the next level. 


It all started with 1 member (Tiger JT), grew with ChesspatzerNOR (Norway) then it snowballed. Our mission is to include as many people as possible not just to be in our clan but in our events too, all are welcome. Be it team matches, league matches, analysis videos or full on tournaments with Chesspatzer prizes. 

Check out their website!


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